30 Jan 2009 Eros

The statue of Eros is in the centre of Piccadilly Circus. This is where the neon lights of many advertisments make this spot a magnet for Londoners and tourists. Eros is thought to be a 'god of love' and young couples may pose beneath his bow and arrow waiting to be shot by loves dart.
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Today I leave the sanctuary of my studio to go north for a week to show the new work in an exhibition in Birmingham. I intend to continue 'a painting a day' while away. I will post the results here on this blog when I get back.

29 Jan 2009 Tower Bridge

This is the view from London Bridge looking east towards Tower Bridge with Canary Wharf away in the background.
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28 Jan 2009 Things

Some things on a shelf. Lets be honest, this is a wonderful excuse for me to enjoy making lovely gooey thick impasto paint textural stuff. Click on image to see details of the original painting.

This will be added to the portfolio of prints that we are publishing of some of the new 'painting a day' paintings.
The prints are produced as a limited edition of just 25 for each image. The aim is to make them very affordable and collectable. The print size is small because most of the new paintings are small. 5" x 7" or 6" x 6", depending on whether the picture is square or oblong. They are on highest quality paper just like my established range of prints. You can see the range that we have printed so far here click for limited edition prints

27 Jan 2009 Four Bottles

A row of bottles with singing colours, some shape varieties, and thick wodges of impasto paint.
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26 Jan 2009 Red Bottle

Lovely creamy scrumptios thick paint!
I could eat it...but it wouldn't do me any good.
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25 Jan 2009

'Flowers and Orange'. You can see that I am not very imaginative with titles.
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Today marks the 30th day that I have been doing 'A Painting a Day'.
This blog started just a few days after I committed to the project,
so there are more than in these blog archives.
Go to www.crabfish.com and see the collection so far.

24 Jan 2009 Harbour

I have used the impasto textures to paint another harbour scene.
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22 Jan 2009

Another heavy textured experiment today.
I have used an abstracted flower subject.
The size is 6"x8"
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21 Jan 2009 Daisies

Another delve into the impact of texture on a small canvas.
Like yesterday, this is 3" x 4" for sale for £36

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20 Jan 2009

Another small painting experiment. I found some thick texture paste to make my paint stiffer, and explored the potential. It opens up many possibilities....very exciting.

This original painting (acrylics on canvas, approx. 7.5cm x 10cm / 3.0" x 4.0") is available for sale for £36.00.

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19 Jan 2009

Another abstract completes a very self indulgent weekends work.
There is no doubt that these are very much influenced by mediterranean landscapes.
As usual you can click on the image to see more details.

18 Jan 2009

This another abstract, but about the smallest that I have ever painted up to now.

17 Jan 2009

Painting abstract paintings is always very enjoyable.
The problems are all about relationships between colour, texture and shape, and how they impact on the painters and viewers subconcious emotions.
This new series of smaller paintings will open up many new prospects.

Click on the image to see more details, or crabfish.com for the complete range

16 Jan 2009 Cat in Kitchen

Here he is again! This time he is situated in our old farmhouse kitchen that had a stove like this to cook on.

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This is going to be offered as a print as well.
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15 Jan 2009 Cat and Flower

This is a rather small painting. Just 3"x4" in fact.
The first of a new small size canvas that has just come in.
But it poses a problem for me and my big brushes!

Check out the crabfish website for all my new paintings.
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14 Jan 2009 Warming Up

Trevor the Cat, and a coffee pot, warm up by the pot bellied stove.

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13 Jan 2009 Cat and Guinness

Trevor the Cat and a pint of Guinness.
Soft and rich-black and very enjoyable.
The Guinness is good as well!

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12 Jan 2009 St Pauls

A small version of one of my favourite views.
I recall this aspect with nostalgia for my youth when I first worked as a school leaver in Fleet Street.
Click here to see more details about this original painting and print www.crabfish.com

11 Jan 2009 Abstract

This is a much smaller abstract than I usually paint.
The best and simplest way to describe abstract paintings is that they are like music without words. So this is like a short piece of music.

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10 Jan 2009

A London painting with a subject dear to me. 'Big Ben'.
This painting had been started previously, and today it is finished.

Check out the website for price details, and see the print options.
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8 & 9 Jan 2009

I started late on 8th and the painting was too wet to finish, but I did two at once and went back to both today. So we have a pair of 'still lives'. Both are 8" square on canvas.

Click on the image or see www.crabfish.com for details

7 Jan 2009

Another bleak and horrible winter day in the UK, so I have painted another escapist dream of the Mediterranean to cheer myself up. Hooray it works!

The painting is 6"x8" acrylic on canvas, titled 'Med Dream 2'.
This image will make a nice little limited edition print.
Click on the image or have a look at www.crabfish.com for more details about the original and print.

6 Jan 2009

Today it is freezing outside. But the sun is shining and I found myself dreaming of warm summer days down on the shores of the Mediterranean.
So here is the painting...'6Jan09 Mediterranean Dream' 8"x8" acrylic on canvas.

Click the image or see more at www.crabfish.com

5 Jan 2009

Today I have created a digital painting using my Wacom Cintique tablet.
The 'painting' is available as a limited edition print on paper size 5"x7".
Click the image or see more at www.crabfish.com

4 Jan 2009

Today is another icy cold start.
The pond is frozen and my studio took a while to warm up.
So todays painting is hot and fiery..... called 'Chinatown.

Size 9" x 12" acrylic on canvas.
Click the image or see more at www.crabfish.com

3 Jan 2009

Getting the hang of this now!
Saturday 3rd and I did some research on the web to get inspiration.
Eventually I plumped for a photograph that I took myself last time we were in New York, and used it as reference for the painting.

This canvas is 12" x 9". Click on the image or see more at www.crabfish.com

2 Jan 2009

I did two small canvases from scratch.
Both views of Venice, so I called them 'Venice A' and 'Venice B'.

Each canvas is just 6" x 6".

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1st January 2009

I have been trying out a regime of 'finishing a painting a day' for a few days, to see if it was OK.
So now I am going to give it a real go for a month or two to continue the experiment. Starting now.

The first painting was already a half finished abstract, part of a series, and it was finally finished on 1Jan09.

The size is 30"x30" [which is normally too big a painting to expect to start and finsh in one day].

Click on image, or here to see details... www.crabfish.com