31 August 2009 website makeover

We have just uploaded our latest website makeover.

You will see that the frontpage invites visitors to explore different areas depending on whether they are in the art business or not.
So we invented a new graphic.
It is on www.crabfish.com.

Left door utilises left brain sensible business interests.
Right door is for right brain creative enjoyment.

It all goes through to the same shared place once you are inside.
But, we will be able to develop different areas and content as time goes by.

Please have a look and let me know if it works for you.

28 AUGUST 2009 Brighton Beach ... finished

Here is the finished painting.
It shows a view of the beach and distant Palace Pier [also known as Brighton Pier].
The area immediately below the viewer is The Fishernmans Hard with a selection of old fishing boats that used to launch from this beach. Nowadays the fishing boats use the Marina or Newhaven Port just along the coast.
This is a 30"x40" acrylic on canvas. I will also publish a Collectors Edition print of this in various sizes.

24August 2009

This is my latest painting,still unfinished.
Size 30" x 40".
The seafront in Brighton on a nice sunny day.
As yet title unknown.

18 August 2009 ....from the past

I had an email today from Helen in Glasgow. She says; "While looking at your website I realise that I may have one of your early acrilic works. About 40 years ago my husband and I went to Wylie Locheads in Glasgow to buy some tables we had saved for but when we saw this painting we bought it instead!"

Crikey! Maybe poor Helen and husband have had to eat off their laps for 40 years. I feel very humble and grateful.
The story behind the sale is this; I exhibited, with artist Colin Paynton, in several of the House of Frazer stores throughout UK in a promotion by G Plan Furniture Co. during the late 60's. Wylie Lochead was the flagship store in Scotland. [Harrods in London and Rackhams in Birmingham were also part of the same group]. The store gave over part of the furniture dept as a temporary studio space where we painted pictures to hang in the beautiful room settings. The paintings were designed to compliment the furnishings.
Helen's painting looks like one of my works from that period, although I don't actually remember this one.
I think that it is a good idea to consider the location for a work of art when painting or buying it.
Some artists will disagree.

8 August 2009 Two Phone Boxes

Here it is just about finished. I will leave it for a day or two before making any final tweaks.
I think that I will title this 'Two Phone Boxes' because they look so good in this setting.
I reckon that we will soon see the last of these icons as nearly everyone nowadays has a moblile [cell] phone and the boxes are hardly ever used.

6 August 2009 Can you see what it is yet?

Back in the studio to make a bigger version of one of the small paintings. The first stage is getting the canvas surface to an interesting condition. Lots of roller work, painting over, and dry brush technique here. Then quick sketchy sort of blocking in to see the overall balance and design. Then key tonal points, the darkest area and the lightest. Then colour range with a few washes of thin colour. And this is the result. Can you see what it is yet? That question was the trademark question for a TV artist Rolf Harris here in the UK. Ive borrowed it. Thanks Rolf.

1 August 2009

School holidays now. So we took our youngest grandchild to a local farm where they have a maize maze, and other great attractions for kids of all ages, including Fran and I.
It rained in the afternoon but we all had a great time. Here is Ava sporting her green wellies and umbrella at a garden centre on the way home.
That is a helluva colour combination aint it?