19 Feb 2011 Cleo's Needle ... new print!

By popular demand .... [key drumroll] ... here is another print for my Limited Edition catalogue.


19 Feb 2011 The Drang Gallery

The new Drang Gallery looks like a smashing new gallery in Padstow Cornwall. Just round the corner to Rick Steins super fish restaurant as well! AND...they have one of my original paintings in the left hand window. How good is that!!??

5 Feb 2011 New Facebook Artist's Open House fan page !!!!

I have been working on a new Facebook fan page [ note: also called a 'like' page or 'business' page].
The idea is to create somewhere on the internet for visitors to [and fans of] our Artists Open House events. Facebook allows comments and shares photos and videos.
This is separate to my other Facebook pages because this is for people who 'like' Artists Open Houses, and want news and gossip and pictures about just that.
Believe me there are many many thousands of regular folk who throng around Brighton in May and December during the OH seasons.
They love the intimate, free, and stimulating experience. So do I.

Here is the link, why not go and have a look?