17th Nov 2012 ... Open House at Christmas

17th Nov 2012 ... Artists Open House at Christmas this year will of course be another must see event, BUT  this year we are not opening here in Springfield Road.
INSTEAD we are showing with our daughter Shyama at her house a mile away.
She has always shown her paintings, prints, and cards here with us, but now she is opening for the first time and we are showing our paintings, prints, and cards at her house.
Here are the details.

10 November 2012 ... from the past

I have had another email from yet another collector who bought my paintings many years ago. It is always wonderful to get these kind of messages, I guess that they come in about once a month as people use the internet to search on my name. 
One thing that is surprising is that people can read my signature enough to use it to make a Google search. When I painted and signed the originals mentioned in this latest query I certainly didn't realise that there would be such wonders as a Google search 35 years later. 
These two kitchen paintings have travelled from Grappenhall which lies halfway between Liverpool and Manchester in the UK, to the USA where the owners now live.

Take note artists when signing your work ... create a legible and unique signature.

Just a quickie. I have been rather busy since the Spring doing a series of exhibitions all about our 2012 London Art project.
But it is all over now...phew!
So I am now writing it all up into a seminar presentation for the Fine Art Trade Guild.

Oh yes. Since the previous blog, I joined the Skylark Gallery cooperative on the South Bank near Oxo Tower. We had an incredibly busy Summer with the Olympics and Jubilee. More later.
Note to self....put off the procrastination until later. Get on with it.

Latest news about 2012 London Art

Latest news.

Two different '2012 London Art' exhibitions showing new paintings and prints by Colin Ruffell and Fran Slade are happening right now!

Picturesque art gallery in Billericay in Essex, and Frontispiece gallery in Canary Wharf London are in full swing. Another gallery show in Islington has just ended, and we have two more starting later this month. Phew!

The galleries are showing framed originals on canvas from £7500 down to £125. Plus limited edition and signed edition prints.

In Canary Wharf there is a whopping diptych that would look rather splendid in someone's boardroom if I say so myself. It comprises of a pair of adjoining original paintings, five foot across, and will cost a keen corporate investor £11,250.

Luckily I have also been painting some small ones recently. These have been great fun to make using an impressionist loose-paint language. And hopefully these new originals are good value and much more affordable at £125 to £500 depending on size.

And of course we continue to make signed edition prints of suitable new work, which means that there are still many opportunities to collect at very affordable prices.

If by chance, you are that rich banker with an empty spot in your boardroom, then please get in touch.

The 2012 London Art website can be seen here;       www.2012londonart.com

30 Jan 2012 ... New painting finished!

The Shard is London's newest and tallest building yet to grace the stunning City skyline. The Shard is due to be finished in May. I have painted the view showing the unfinished building under construction with the crane on top. What a view that crane driver must have had. 
My new painting, and the print, is formed from two square images that are designed to be displayed next to each other.
We will publish this as a Collectors Edition so that the image can be licensed for use as a card etc. 

26 JAN 2012 Our new book.

Our upcoming series of 2012 art exhibitions called '2012 London Art' has inspired a coffee table book.
Here it is...

You can click this link and get a preview of all the content.


Please check it out and tell us what you think.

I've been busy!

We really have been busy over the Christmas and New year holiday period. But now to reveal all!
Fran and I, are arranging a series of shows in our retail gallery partners during 2012. 
It is called.....drumroll please....
The exhibitions are all about our London based art. That is paintings, prints and cards with a London theme. I guess that most of my readers already know that Cityscapes of London are among my favourite subjects. But did you also know that my wife Fran Slade has also created a collection of portraits showing London costermongers, market traders, eccentrics and other cockney characters.

Here is a link to a page showing Fran's Cockney Characters.

And this just one of them.  He is a Chelsea Pensioner.

Meanwhile I have been painting some new London views. The biggest is a whopping 5 feet by 2ft 6ins. It shows the building of Londons latest skyscraper, The Shard.

It is nearly finished. watch this space to see it unveiled very soon.

The first gallery to host our show will be;
'The Only Place for Pictures' in Islington.

The first exhibition kicks off mid February.  More later.