30 November 2009 Phew!

Phew! At last it seems that I have a moment to put up a blog message.
We have been very busy getting our Open House exhibition ready and hung. Then we opened on Sat 21st, and Sun 22nd. Then again Sat 28th and Sun 29th. And of course we now get ready for next weekend when it all happens again.
Despite the fact that the weather has been 'interesting', very wet and windy in fact, we have played host to many intrepid visitors, sold lots of prints and cards, taken commissions for originals, prepared and drank gallons of mulled wine, eaten mince pies, and run our daily prize draw during open days.
Meanwhile the retail gallery and online gallery world is waking up for Xmas and orders for prints are coming in thick and fast. Help!!
And it goes on... tomorrow I am demonstrating my painting techniques at Canary Wharf London in the afternoon, plus in the evening we will be attending a private view where we are showing in a London east end gallery. That is the Art Group show 'Lets Play'.
Todays image is the solid gold 'Trevor the Cat' pendant that Graham Hale is showing at our Open House. Anybody who has looked at our website www.crabfish.com will recognise our mascot Trevor.

11 November 2009 Poppy Day

Today is a pretty significant day.
Armistice Day, when the world remembers those who died in war.
In 1918 WW1 peace was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
WW1 was billed as 'the war to end all wars'.
Today is 11/11/09.
That is 91 years after the signing of the armistice.
But war has gone on somewhere in the world ever since.
Here is one of Shyama's prints with lots of poppies.

8 November 2009 New Brighton prints

These three new Brighton originals are being shown in The Art Group 'Lets Play' exhibition in London in December.
However I am keeping the publication of the prints for myself. In preparation for the upcoming Artists Open Houses in two weeks time I have proofed new Limited Edition prints of 250 each. I have decided to publish them in two sizes, A2 [approx 38cm x51cm] and A3 [ approx 26cm x 37cm].

Lets Play on the Bandstand

Lets Play on Palace Pier

Lets Play on Brighton Beach