23 October 2009 The Affordable

Shyama and I went up to The Affordable Art Fair in London today. It is held in Battersea Park twice a year. It has been going for ten years already. Also nowadays in Bristol, Paris, New York, Brussels, Amsterdam, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne.

Here is a super idea. Great big cushions to relax on when your feet start to ache.

Shammy and I have both exhibited and worked at previous Affordables. Shammy shows with Lara Bowen on the Four Walls stand [this is Lara pictured today with her new baby Tom]. Show them art appreciation early! Actually Tom's arrival on the scene is the very understandable reason that Four Walls are not exhibiting at this show.

We met several old friends, looked at some great art, and had a really enjoyable day out.

21 Oct 2009 Literature of New York

Sabrina Fuchs-Abrams sent me a copy of her new book.
As you can see she has illustrated the cover with one of my paintings of New York.
She did ask me, and I was happy to allow her to do it.
The painting has been sold, but the print is available on my crabfish.com website here;

20 October ... Local pub exhibits

Our local pub, The Roundhill Tavern, is displaying some of my naive style giclee prints on canvas. The landlord Steve chose a big 'Cat on Piano' and 'Brighton' to welcome customers across the main lounge, and 'Guinness' and 'Cat on Post' on the wall opposite the main bar.
There is another, 'Cat and Fish Supper' not shown here, on the wall behind the pool table next to the kitchen.
The big ones are 30"x40", and the smaller ones are 15"x20".
I have to go in and check 'em out quite often. And it's thirsty work!

9 October 2009 The Saffron Gallery

If you went by the outside of the Saffron Gallery in Battle last night, this is what this small family run gallery looks like. The gallery hangs only original paintings on the wall, with prints available from browsers. Framing is done on the premises.

But if you looked in through the window as you passed you might have seen that the gallery was crowded with members of the Fine Art Trade Guild who were enjoying a Branch meeting, a talk by Paul Cumberland from Birds Birds Birds in Faversham Kent, a bit of supper, a glass or two of wine, and a good chinwag [oops I mean a networking opportunity].

That is where Fran and I were as well. Being 'Master of The Guild' has some delightful consequences.

8 October 2009

A little late I know. Here is a picture of Shammy [Shyama Ruffell] on her stand at the Brighton Art Fair a few days ago. It was a good show. Very busy, very popular, and profitable.
We are going to be adding a portfolio of her original paintings and prints to the Crabfish website during the next week or so.
And then, on the last two weekends in November, we will be showing Shammy's new work, and Fran's and mine, at our next Open House. That will be here at 182 Springfield Road Brighton. Keep watching this space, or check out our website www.crabfish.com.

4 October 2009 back from hols

We went to the family house in Spain where we unwind with other family members once a year.
We actually got back a whole week ago but found such a huge mountain of orders and things to do that this is the first chance to get blogging again.
I had taken my small pochade with me fully intending to do a few small plein air paintings. But the best laid plans of mice and men went astray again. Instead I felt the urge to paint over one of my abstract canvases that hangs in the villa dining area. It was a print, an early experiment, that didnt work very well because it looked rather dull. It was one of the collection that we had donated to the villa when the family were furnishing it.

So I got out the paints and just started painting over.

Here is the painting still showing quite a bit of the abstract. I found the paella pan on top of a kitchen cuboard. It wasnt here last year, maybe it was left by a visitor.

Next picture shows the picture in progress. This is a lovely cool spot under the grape vines.

The finished picture shows the view across the valley, with a table and paella pan plus other bits and pieces. Click here to see more about the house [which is available for rent].