20 March 2010 St Paul's Cathedral

Here is the new painting of St Paul's Cathedral that I have been working on.
I have managed to tell myself to stop working on this one.
Although I am happy and satisfied with this as it is now, I know that I should hang it up in the studio for a few more days to see if there is anything else that I need to do. Some times a 'finished' work suddenly reveals that it needs a bit more tweaking. It is funny how that happens.

18 March 2010 Made space, now new Big London stuff

The Spring is here!
The lawn is full of little crocuses, snowdrops and sunshine.
We can hear frogs, and birdsong.

My studio is clearer because I burned that stack of paper doodles yesterday.
So now I can get working on a half dozen middle and big sized London canvases.
These were started at the end of last year and put aside because things happened.
Things like snow, exhibitions, flu, new book, etc.

17 March 2010 A sad end

Today I burned Sydney, Vancouver, Venice, Hong Kong, New York, Glasgow, and London.
There is a wastage rate from our big giclee printer.
Sometimes the colours are wrong, sometimes the roll runs out before all the print is finished, sometimes the ink smudges etc.
So I get large bits of very good quality paper that I can use to paint over.
I use these big coloured scraps to try out ideas, experiment, or often just enjoy myself.
The paintings are sometimes good, sometimes not so good.
So today I took the plunge and destroyed about 200 near-miss paintings on paper that have cluttered up the studio for too long.

10 March 2010 Fame at last!

Wowee! I am gonna be famous.
I have just heard that the local bus company have put me on the front cover of the next issue of the bus timetable.
At last.
The timetable comes out in a few days time.
Bus Times
Summer 2010
28 March 2010 until
25 September 2010

The photography shoot was way back last year.
In fact it was exactly one year ago that I finished the job.
See last years blog for March 3rd, 8th, and 10th.

I am pleased to report that the bus company bought the painting.

6 March 2010 Another new 'Affordable' painting

Here is another of the new paintings that will be shown at The Affordable Art Fair in a few days time. The 'Affordable' is a great success as a public art fair. I have shown there off and on since it began some years ago. So has my artist daughter Shyama. This year I join her showing on the Four-walls stand for the first time. Should be fun!
The organisers really make an effort to create a great experience for visitors. They choose the exhibiting galleries with care ensuring that the quality is really the best. There is a price ceiling of £3000. The rules also bar reproduction prints, although there are some limited edition screen prints and original prints. But the main thrust of the show is new contemporary original paintings at affordable prices.

4 March 2010 New paintings

I am preparing new original paintings for the Affordable Art Fair in London next week.
My work will be on show with Four-walls Contemporary Art stand L8.
Opening days are Thusday 11th to Sunday 14th March.
For tickets go to;
or see
I expect to be on the stand during Thursday. Hope to see you there!

Some of my latest paintings are posted on our own website as well.