23 March 2009

Been working on the distant view of Croydon after a bit of research on the radio masts on the far horizon. The left hand mast is the Croydon mast and the wider, further and taller mast is Crystal Palace mast.
This view from Purley Way really shows how Croydon has bloomed and grown during the years since I lived here. In the centre is the Town Hall tower which used to be SO big when I was a lad. Now it is dwarfed by the office blocks around it. The 'threepenny bit' tower is on the far right.


  1. Ah! I`ve got it. I have to sign in before I can comment. So you cant get feedback from anyone who hasn`t signed in to a google account,. 2 days now without a painting.I`m getting withdrawals.I used to go to Crystal Palace games. You can see these towers from the Stadium also on the train going up to London.

  2. Then it says my comment will be visible after approval. Does that mean my last comment didn`t get approved???


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