5Feb 2010

Phew! I am just grabbing a moment to update this blog before I whizz off to exhibit at the International Spring Fair at NCC in Birmingham.
We load the van this evening. I think everything is ready.

The past month has been hectic.
There is meant to be a recession on at the moment, but we have had a bumper start to the year.
Print, paint, print, paint.

The big fat coffee table 10 year catalogue looks superb and the first couple of galleries have already given it the thumbs up. The launch of this will be the main focus of my show at the Fair.

I am also scheduled to present a seminar on 'The Artists Role in the Art Industry' on Tuesday 9th.
I had a practice the other evening in front of the Wessex Branch of The Fine Art Trade Guild members. They seemed to like it. I had some interesting questions afterwards which have helped tweak the talk.

Here is a new painting of Hong Kong waterfront.

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  1. hi, am very new to your work since buying a piece of yours that im wondering if you could shed some light on! think it could be mid 60's..oil on canvas of butlers wharf on the left with tower bridge in the background, pinky/mauve tones and signed in red bottom left..cant seem to find it catalogued anywhere! any ideas!!
    love your work, live long and prosper! tracey xx


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