3 August 2010 Seven things to do in a quiet moment.

Things always slow down a bit right about now. I guess it is the effect of summer holidays. I have only three forthcoming exhibitions in the next month. Most of the paintings required are already finished. So this is the moment when there is half a chance to spend a bit of time 'fixing the roof while the sun is shining'.
Here are 7 important tasks that can be attacked right now.

  1. Tidy up the office, studio, and storeroom.  DONE IT.
  2. Revamp the website. IN PROGRESS.
  3. SEO on the website and blog. JUST STARTED.
  4. System software upgrade. OUT SOURCED.
  5. Re-write my book, turn into 12 part series. JUST STARTED.
  6. Fix the roof. OUT SOURCED.
  7. Networking, joining up to forums, learning new tricks, Fine Art Trade Guild stuff about print standards, Twitter, Facebook, U-tube, make videos, record interviews, write press releases, write articles for magazines, check out various trade shows, prepare PowerPoint presentations for future seminars, upgrade my music store, research marketing strategy and tactics, licensing rethink, get the car fixed, take deep breath, relax, stop adding things to this list. AAARGH!

Studio tidy up using wonderful Stiffy Bags
Storeroom tidy up with small paintings and prints
Office shelving groans under weight of  paper records


  1. Hi Colin. I`ve been on your blog already today and find it very frustrating that you are doing so much . The London painting...I mean really... you`ll probably win it.. it is after all a very attractive picture.Then your book and then 7. whats that all about..what time do you get up in the morning. Somebody has to at least try and look relaxed!!!Alan

  2. Thanks Alan. You look very relaxed on your blog today. Almost casual. As though you were on holiday, just like a grockle.


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