6 Sept 2010 A nice letter!

Today I received an email from an artist who purchased my E book 'How to Make a Living as an Artist'.

It has made my day :-)  Thanks Kelly. Here it is.

Dear Colin,

I've had a couple of quick read-through's of your book and I'm both thankful that you've written it and, most of all, thankful that I've come across it!

I'm just starting out, as many are, into this seemingly mysterious world of the artist and your book has, quite possibly, given me one of my most valuable tools...hope. Not the 'finger's crossed' hope of winning the lottery, but a real hope of being able to achieve what I'm aiming for because I'm now armed with some very clear guidelines.

It seemed worryingly simplistic at first, but there is no escaping the wealth of information that has been collected by someone who know's what they're talking about and wishes to communicate it as usefully as possible.

I couldn't be happier.
I AM going to be an artist!

Kindest regards,


  1. Hi Colin, Your book sounds interesting, I would be happy to advertise it on my site if you are interested of course!

    best wishes

  2. Gee thanks Jane. Your site is really nice, and it would be great to have the book shown on it.
    Your blog is good too. http://www.drawingdance.blogspot.com/


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