21 Oct 2010 Can you see what it is yet?

I am working on a set of four new original paintings destined for the Edinburgh Art Fair on 18th to 21st November.
Here they are at an early stage. Starting top left going clockwise, the subjects are; Calton Hill, Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, Forth Rail Bridge.

And here they are a little later.
The paintings are on gesso panels which I discovered tucked away in the studio.
"That'll be nice for my Edinburgh pictures", I said to myself as I started.. 
But it transpires that the top two in this shot are 16"x20" 
The lower two are 40cm x 50cm.
Nearly the same but not quite. 
Aargh! The metric versus the imperial system.
So I have had to order two sizes of frames for the Art Fair.

Here is a link to the show.


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