2 April 2011 Kindle publish my book.

Yesterday we published a Kindle version of my book on Amazon.

The new Kindle edition is the lowest price yet at $9.99 [ £6.99 in the UK ] and apparently you can download it to an ipad or iphone or PC as well.

'How to Make a Living as an Artist' is also published on Clickbank as an e-book. And I still create the Aizoban limited edition version which is signed, hand sewn with Japanese binding, and archival quality illustrations.


  1. Sorry folks. I have mislead you. Amazon have just now put the book on their shelves at £7.16. That is a whole 17 pence more than I thought. Colin.

  2. Oh yes. The link is here. Copy and paste if it doesn't just click. http://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Make-Living-as-Artist/dp/B004USSQ0O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&m=A3TVV12T0I6NSM&qid=1301767066&sr=1-1


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