We had built a bug house near the vegetable patch to attract friendly bugs and bumble bees for pollination [a symbiotic relationship]. All had been going well before some wasps misunderstood the crucial landlady/tenant arrangement. 
A few days ago Fran was picking leaves from our salad bed for lunch when she was attacked by a swarm of angry wasps. She was stung on the eye and arm and in her hair. Not nice! 
So we've been researching the problem. And, the wasps have got to go.

Late last night after wasp beddy-bye time I donned several layers of protective clothing and armed with an anti-wasp aerosol I sprayed the wasp nest with foam. I might look a bit silly but I am not macho-stupid.
This morning we can see that there are a few survivors still going in and out of the nest. But only a few.
Beware remaining wasps...I am tempted to call in a NATO strike force if you don't leave peacefully.

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  1. Ooh you are so big, so tough, formidable even! An impressive superhero and we love it that you rescued your beloved from the Evil Swarm uncaring of your own safety (well OK you did take *some* precautions). But you have found a new niche, a new mission, and a new costume - Duffell Man. Go now and rescue more needy citizens from danger; in your new disguise no-one will ever know your secret identity, a meek, mild-mannered dauber of delicately finessed fine art. But really, do something about those socks - they're a dead giveaway!


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