Latest news about 2012 London Art

Latest news.

Two different '2012 London Art' exhibitions showing new paintings and prints by Colin Ruffell and Fran Slade are happening right now!

Picturesque art gallery in Billericay in Essex, and Frontispiece gallery in Canary Wharf London are in full swing. Another gallery show in Islington has just ended, and we have two more starting later this month. Phew!

The galleries are showing framed originals on canvas from £7500 down to £125. Plus limited edition and signed edition prints.

In Canary Wharf there is a whopping diptych that would look rather splendid in someone's boardroom if I say so myself. It comprises of a pair of adjoining original paintings, five foot across, and will cost a keen corporate investor £11,250.

Luckily I have also been painting some small ones recently. These have been great fun to make using an impressionist loose-paint language. And hopefully these new originals are good value and much more affordable at £125 to £500 depending on size.

And of course we continue to make signed edition prints of suitable new work, which means that there are still many opportunities to collect at very affordable prices.

If by chance, you are that rich banker with an empty spot in your boardroom, then please get in touch.

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