2 Feb 2009

Ye Gods! The radio and TV news is grim. London has been cut off by thousand feet snowdrifts and avalanches. The whole of the southern England is buried deep in blizzard conditions. No-one is allowed to leave home, all work is cancelled and all schools and hospitals are closed.
Actually it snowed overnight and it looks very pretty outside. There was indeed an 18 year record of snowfall in the south-east and even though we all knew that it was coming the roads have become blocked and trains and buses cancelled. So Monday which is usually a very busy day at the SF was very quiet. Visitors from the north were OK and London visitors who stayed over from Sunday were OK. So I painted a snow scene inspired by the 25 minute journey in from our Bed and Breakfast. Then sold it straight away with delivery after the show. [note the red dot :-)]. I will make a limited edition print of this one because everybody liked it as a souvenir of the day that the UK ground to a halt.

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