5 September 2009 The new bandstand

My new painting is nearly finished.
The old bandstand on Brighton seafront has been restored and re-opened in August. So I went along to see it to gather reference material for the painting. I was lucky because it was a lovely warm sunny summer day for a change.
The painting seen here in my studio, is 30"x40" acrylic on canvas.
When final tweaks and finishing touches are complete I will photograph and publish this in the new collection of Brighton views.
I intend to make it another 'Collectors Edition' piece.
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  1. I like this. Very nice. Can I ask ? I can see a light shining from the top. Also could it be the Sun?? not sure. Looks a great light effect. Very nice

  2. The studio lighting is creating the sun effect. However, as I said, the painting is unfinished. Maybe....?


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