7 September 2009 Painting to print ... the process

Here is the final print. Hooray!
There is a big big difference between painting a picture for its own sake, and painting a picture to make a print. I usually paint nowadays with the primary purpose of making a good print. This bandstand painting is a good example.
I planned and painted the image by visiting and taking many photographs at different times. I chose a large format canvas and spent time in the studio creating the painting that I published here a couple of days ago.
But then, I had to convert all that into a good print. First a high definition photo in natural daylight.
Then upload to computer and resize in Photoshop. Crop, tweak colours and test print. Sounds easy, but it isnt. This time it took all day, and a dozen test prints, to realise that I needed to go back and change the painting a bit.
So I did that and went through the whole process again today.

Trial prints.....all discarded!

The 'Brighton Bandstand' print will be available soon as part of the new Brighton portfolio.

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