14 April 2009 Exotica

The incredible North Gate to the Brighton Pavilion is the subject for todays painting. I saw this yesterday while painting the Pavilion itself [ see 13th April]. So I went back today to give it a whirl.
Traffic whizzes past going north so most people only see it in their rear view mirrors. The gate is under appreciated by locals and visitors on foot who want to get into the Pavilion grounds to see more. But it is just so exotic, aint it?

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  1. I think your very brave putting up with all those prying eyes especially in Brighton.I`ve tried Plein air painting it doesn`t work for me ,too many constraints although I love doing it the results always looked constrained.Keep it up yopu seem to maintain your `Colin Ruffel `syle and paint from life. ps. I`ve bought G Fractuls just need CS3 or 4 now


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