9 April 2009 Pochade

Here is my smaller pochade, or thumb-box, which I have now adapted to take four 8x10 canvas boards.
See the thumbhole in the base, which means that you could use this freestanding. I need to cover this with something to prevent the paint tubes falling out!
The folding lid holds 4 canvas boards. In the background you can see some which I have prepared with a wash of colour to avoid painting on a pure white background. I can take boards with a variety of colours for a days painting en plein air.
The pallette slides into grooves in the box.
Next task is to add an attachment so that the box will fit onto a camera tripod.


  1. great. very portable. Did you design this yourself?

  2. Yes I`m a bit like that myself.Its great weather for getting outside and having some adventures.I`ve been reading your book`How to make a living as an artist` IT`S VERY GOOD.

  3. Yes, my design based on others. A neighbour made the proto-type for me many years ago, and I have tweaked it since, but it got stuck on a shelf for ages. Now it is time for another airing.

  4. Is that a patentable pruduct? looks good from here

  5. Hey did you get any of the design from Trevor Chamberlains book oils pure and simple cause it looks really alike it.

  6. I don't remember where the design ideas came from. It was many years ago. Over 20 years in fact. My neighbour was discussing projects for using his skills as a box maker, and I suggested that he could make me a pochade. I am not sure whether or not I showed him other artists existing pochade designs. I don't think that I have read the exact book that you mention, although I have read other books by Ron Ranson who co-wrote with Trevor Chamberlain. So maybe you are spot on to find the original source, thanks.

  7. Hey im designing my own Pochade box but I dont know what wood is suitable.
    And for the thumbhole wheres the best positon for it (like where abouts at the bottom of the box)
    And how does your one fit 8x10 in and 6x8.

    And do you have an email I would rather send more questions in and email.

    But yea what is the size of the top and bottom of the box

  8. Hi Anonymous..
    Hmmm! What wood? Plywood top and bottom. Don't know the wood used for the sides. Light-weight as possible.
    Thumbhole. I have found that I don't ever use the thumbhole. The box sits on the tripod, or on the kitchen table, or on my lap. So I would leave the positioning of a thumbhole off your list of requirements until later.
    I have now fitted a plywood back to the U shaped lid. 8x10 boards fit into the slots inside the lid sliding down from the top. 6x8 canvases just sit on the ledge above the hinge, inside the lid leaning against the back. If I wish to make sure that they don't blow way I can put an elastic band round the lid.
    email to cr@crabfish.com
    Box size as follows,
    Main box.. 10.5" x 8.75" x 2.25"
    Lid... 11.5" x 8.25" x 1"


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