6 April 2009

Spent most of the day updating websites. Crabfish.com is our original website with a catalogue of originals and prints, and a shopping cart facility. This daily painting blog is becoming a demanding partner, but the discipline does me good. The new Fine Art Trade Guild website is in beta testing and I am busily imputting data and images, testing, redoing it, testing etc. So no painting!
But I did do some printing for orders that have come in over the weekend.

Also I am thinking about a new design for my pochade. [That is the box of tricks that I use when plein air painting.] The existing french easel that you can see in this photo is a great bit of kit, BUT it is too big and cumbersome to erect easily. It involves more than a dozen thumbscrews and clips, which have to done in the right order. The canvas size capacity is nice and big. So it is great for doing demonstrations at exhibitions. But I want something lighter and quicker to set up for quick paintings.

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