27 April 2009 Peace Statue Hove

The 'Angel of Peace' statue sits on the border of Brighton and Hove.
The view is looking west into the sunset, and across the seafront lawns in Hove towards the King Alfred in the distance.
I went with my paints with the intention of painting it, but the light was fading fast and the scene changed every few minutes. So I took some photos and painted this quickly back in the studio trying to capture the moment.
We always reckoned that the Angel had her wings on upside down. What do you think?
This image will be added to our portfolio of small limited edition prints.


  1. Wot I like about these are they are instantly recognisable. Out of interest if you are takeing photos do you adjust the middle ground on the puter or just upscale it in your head because a photo would make the statue a lot smaller.?

  2. Oh I do any resizing in my head. In fact the process is like this... look at the photos, put them aside, pause, remember the scene, paint it from memory, and only refer back to the photos for details.


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