5 April 2009

A beautiful warm sunny day for my journey back home. Here is my third painting from Norfolk. This was done at the ford just below Letheringset water-mill, a few miles from Blakeney. It is another 6"x8" canvas. I wish that I could have stayed and done another, but a crowd of jolly dog walkers came to splash and frolic in the river and I had to give up.


  1. Really very interesting blog. Great seeing plein air adventures. keep it up.

  2. I always thought that the best bit about painting as opposed to photography was that you could miss out the bits you didn't like. Dog walkers and that..........

  3. Ah yes, that is often the case. But these dog walkers had three dogs and two cars and kids, and they wanted to teach the dogs to swim, and so they all got in the way. Seemed like fun though. No hard feelings because I had had the place to myself for a couple of hours previously.


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