14 June 2009 Logjam and a Purple Tree solution

My creative logjam is a bit of a nuisance. Hey ho, that's the way it goes.
Sunday is often a good day for quiet studio painting, but it didn't happen.
Instead I went to the beach and enjoyed the sun like every body else.

Fran to the rescue!
Here is a painting by Fran that she has reworked recently.
It is 8"x8" acrylic on canvas, titled Purple Tree.
This is one of her series of landscape paintings that explores abstraction, colour, and painterliness.
You can check out the series on our crabfish website.

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  1. Hi Colin. Logjam? Go and sit in a field in Normandy for a bit. Works wonders. I'll send you some snaps when I get them back from the developers.........


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