19 June 2009

Another winner, from our free draw held during the four open house weekends in May, has claimed and collected her prize.
BD from Sussex chose a framed print titled 'Brighton' in A3 size. From a catalogue of over a hundred signed and numbered images, 'Brighton' has proved to be the most popular winners choice by far.
[see illustration]

So far, over time, we have given away more than a dozen framed prints with a retail value well over £1000. The winners of the daily draw can choose any image from our collection that will fit into the free frame.

There is no catch, the winners pay nothing. We do this to get your attention, we get valuable feedback, and we collect a list of willing email addresses for our occasional newsletter. [We do not share this list with anyone so please don't ask].

I did some more studio painting on the 'secret' picture that was mentioned a few days ago. Calm down, this is no big deal, just a private commission that is not for general release. But it is taking time, and so there are no new 'public' images.


  1. Thats a hell of a block your going through there Colin. I`m still watching your Blog with interest and also I`ve been getting the Robert Genn updates .Thanks for sharing that. Alan

  2. I like the naive style of this painting, especially the way the different perspectives of the view are all flattered out. Its popularity should be telling you to paint more in this style. It's a different sort of naiveity to the 'Trevor' pics which are more in one plane.


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