26 June 2009 the great god IKEA

We went to IKEA in Croydon to get a chair and odds and ends for the kitchen etc. As one does.
I had a budget in mind of £100. But at the checkout it came to £240.
New wine glasses, garlic press, footstool, boxes, plates, cushions, etc.
But enough of my weakness.
Such is the power of IKEA to tempt and persuade with all sorts of goodies.

Todays illustration shows my cards that are on sale in IKEA.
In a pack of five 7"x5" art cards called KORT on sale for £2.45.

That is incredible value.

They also have frames that will fit the size.
I will probably get just a few pennies each, so please go buy in your millions.

Or, get an individual, bigger, archival, signed, and numbered, collectable, version from my website [blatant advertising]. Click here to see New York prints.

PS. Why do IKEA call their goods such funny names? What does KORT mean? Probably Swedish for 'jolly good art work'.


  1. in mallorca spain we love ikea they have great ideas to make any house speciall

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