2 June 2009 The Basketmakers Arms

The Basketmakers Arms is tucked away, round the back in Brighton. It is a small pub with just one bar.
I have been going there for many many years since the time when I had a studio just round the corner.
The long term landlord is know as 'Blue'. And I have known him for years as well.
This pub is very popular with anybody who is anybody. The food is good. The beer is good. The wine selection is definitely better than most, and the pub regularly wins prizes for cellarmanship.
Here it is on a sunny afternoon with outside tables and happy happy punters.
Don't tell everybody, keep it a secret, because we don't want it to get even more crowded.

The painting is another 8"x10" on canvas. 
I will put in onto the www.crabfish.com website for sale as soon as possible.


  1. I see a theme developing here........

  2. now you`ve put people in! Are we influencing each other here? I like the rd on the right and the lighter colours as it fades away. Brave man to stand there.

  3. Hands up. I didn't stand there to paint this picture, instead I went and took a photo which I used as reference back in the studio.

  4. Lots of fun this one — and plenty that keeps the viewers eye moving around... well done! G

  5. Aaah... happy memories of the Basketmakers - particularly Beaujolais nouveau day!
    Am enjoying your exchanges with alan f. from a summery Stockholm.


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