3 June 2009 Its a secret.

As I sit down first thing on the day after the day before, I wonder what to put in the blog about yesterday.

I started a new painting. It is bigger than recent stuff. I didn't finish it. I cannot show it to you because it has a destiny that I cannot reveal. So it's secret.
I took a phone call order for a print, that is a sample for a bigger order, that is a commercial secret.
I received an email request for a high res file for a licensing project, that is [...wait for it] secret.
I sold a copy of my e-book 'How to Make a Living as an Artist' through Clickbank. The buyer asked me how he could get a printable copy, so I have sent him the secret link that allows him to access the file.

I downloaded a new free internet marketing document and started to read it. This is the latest doc from an internet marketing guru that I have listened to for a long time. His latest message is that any entrepreneural business is only as successful as its constraints allow. So I spent some time exploring a flow chart of my work process from painting to blog to website to print to sale to bank. I am trying to reveal my constraints, and resolve them. The exact constraints that are hindering my progress remain a secret from me. 

Do you see a theme here?

So, the image for the daily blog, date 3 June 09, is the digital image showing a visualisation of the front cover of my book that I use on the website that my book buyers access to download the digital e-book. Here is a link to the site www.howtobeanartist.com


  1. Hi Colin,it's OK,I've downloaded you blog entry and eaten it, so it's all safe......


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