31 May 2009 ...a day off ! ?

Yesterday was Sunday. The weather was really glorious. So we had the day off.

Oh dear, that is not quite true.
First, we finally stored the Open House stock of paintings, prints, and frames that have been cluttering up the living and work space around here. [See boring picture of groaning store room shelves.]
Second, we rehung our collection of other artists work that usually graces our humble and crumble abode. Hooray we have got our home back!
Third, I answered some email reactions to stuff on this blog. Details about the design of my pochade, and issues about the pros and cons of hiring exhibition space.
That took all morning.
Then we cleaned out a couple of rain butts that had become infested with mosquito larvae.
Then I pondered on the redesign of next years Spring Fair, and how we would display, what we would display, who were we hoping to sell to, and other problems. We have just received the first invoice for Spring Fair which just goes to show how far in advance you have to plan.
Then I cooked dinner.
Then we relaxed and watched a TV prog all about artists, and public art commissioning etc.

When I come to think about it, an artist can never actually switch off. It is not a job, it is a total life. Thank goodness.

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