12 May 2009 City of London

I went up to London to deliver pictures and visit a couple of the galleries that sell my work.
And, met up with an old buddy Martin Aynscomb Harris who has been an inspiration since early years. I used to admire his work in Heals Gallery in Tottenham Court Road when I was just starting out as a professional artist. Then our paths began to cross through mutal dealerships.
Now, forty plus years on, we are often shown by the same galleries in London.
We met by chance, had a drink together, and talked about trade stuff and the price of fish etc.
It took time, and was great fun.
So I didn't actually get into paint-a-picture mode until quite late in the afternoon.
It was windy and so I hunkered down in the lee of Tower Bridge and painted this view of the City of London skyline across the Thames.
8"x10" acrylic on canvas board.

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  1. Theres something happening in your work. Very painterly. Nice


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