29 May 2009 North Gate from inside the Pavilion gardens.

Yesterday I went plein air painting with Alan Furneaux in Brighton Pavilion gardens.
This is the other painting that I did, which again I tweaked a little when I got home.
Tweaking is sometimes neccessary because the paint needs to dry before it can be painted over, or because a different technique is required that is impossible while painting outside.
Glazes and washes of colour can fall into the first category. You cannot glaze or wash over wet paint without messy results. And I am so impatient.
Another constraint for the pochade artist is that very fine detail might need a very fine brush, and a steady hand guide like a mahl stick, and a solid support. That combination would be a bit impractical for outdoor painting with a pochade and a wobbly easel.

This painting is another acrylic on 8"x10" canvas board. 
We will be adding the two new Pavilion images onto our www.crabfish.com website as soon as possible. 
Plus it will be published in the  series of limited edition prints dedicated to this daily painting blog images. 
There are 25 small prints of each chosen picture, published as a 5"x7" giclee on watercolour paper archival collection.

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