5 May 2009 Going fast!

These blogs are usually written first thing the morning after the day in question. It seems to makes sense to look back very soon after the event and see what the daily life of a painter actually is/was. Yesterday [5th May] was typical of the days that could easily be forgotten. I didnt paint any pictures, we didnt go anywhere, but instead we hunkered down in the office and cleared out the in-tray which had grown like a mushroom in the corner.
But during the day we got three modest orders from galleries for prints. One of which was for Blackfriars Bridge which sold from a gallery catalogue. And that prompts our message heading for the blog.
'Going fast' describes the imminent fate of my first giclee limited edition image. Blackfriars Bridge has now sold 236 out of the edition of 250. The first print was printed on 1st September 2000. Nearly nine years ago. It was a big print on canvas which we exhibited alongside the original at a trade fair. You couldnt tell them apart.
There are now just 14 left in the edition. In the early days of self-publishing we used a printing service to make the prints. Later we bought into Epson printers to do the job ourselves. But in the beginning we were well served by UIS Art in Colchester who printed the first Blackfriars Bridge for us. Many thanks to them. Very soon we expect to sell the final print in the edition. No more will be printed worldwide ever. Ah, shed a tear.

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  1. Thats really good. Just think what that one image has yeilded. Well done!


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