13 May 2009 Second thoughts, and second opinions.

In the cold cruel light of day, especially the day after, I am having second thoughts about the painting on yesterday's blog.

The folk who watched me paint the City Skyline picture were very complimentary, and I was pleased when I got it home, and when I posted the picture and told the story on the blog.

BUT, I am not so happy with it now.
It seems a bit over fussy and complex for a small 8"x10" painting. There is too much squeezed into it.
Also the colour is a bit drab, and although reasonably true to the actual scene, I feel dissapointed that it doesn't convey the excitement of the truly spectacular view across the Thames.

So, shall I work on this painting and simplify it, adding colour and contrast etc to get it right?
Or, shall I sigh and shrug and paint over it?
Or shall I bite the bullet, stay excited by the potential of such a super view, and re-do onto a bigger more suitable size canvas in my studio?

Your opinion would be greatly valued.
Please will you click on the comment link below and let me know what you think.


  1. Absolutely not.I`ve had this painting on my brain niggling away thinking how good it was. You have a case of paiteritus. I get it sometimes when I live to regret painting over something I dont like. The strong reaction you have actually is a good sign and something you will get over.Don`t touch it. Move on.Put it away and love it later. DO NOT DESTROY IT !

  2. paiteritus!
    Ah, maybe you mean 'paiNteritus', that rare and mysterious affliction that makes artists hurry over written messages and leave letters out.
    Thanks Alan, you've cheered me up.


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