20 May 2009 Orange Peel and Plein Air

Two pictures today. 
First a new still life kitchen table top painting.

I started with a clementine, peeled it, noticed how good it looked, got out my paints, started painting, ate a segement or two of the fruit to improve the composition, painted for a while, ate another segment, painted over previous parts of the painting where segments were missing, ate another segement, ooh yummy, finally finshed the painting with just one segment left, which I ate.

The second picture came in by email from Switzerlad thanks to Josef and Ruth Meli. They took this photograph of me last week while I painted the view of the City of London from Tower Bridge.
I admit, this is not a very flattering portrait, it exposes my usual disregard for sartorial elegance.
You might be shocked, especially after yesterdays pictures of me in full award function finery.
But hey, this blog is about the real world of professional picture making, paintings and prints.
Youv'e gotta be comfortable to paint pictures.
So yesterday I bought myself a small folding camping stool so that I dont have to stand up while outdoor sketching.


  1. They must have come down, chatted then taken a photo.All time away from what you are doing. I suppose they might buy a painting?Then again they might just take a photo.

  2. I don't actually mind people talking to me while painting plein air. I have a pocketful of illustrated cards with the website and blog address to give to anybody who is interested. So they can see the finished painting if I publish it. It all helps the essential marketing side of the painting business, plus it is nice to meet and talk to interesting people. Painting can be a lonely occupation stuck in the studio.

  3. i like the orange peel one


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