8 May 2009 The shrinking small world.

One of my enjoyable tasks as Master of The Fine Art Trade Guild is to sign membership certificates. Yesterday I did this for new members in Bejing China, and Queensland Australia.
Then my email auto robot told me that I had sold a copy of my e-book 'How to Make a Living as an Artist' to an aspiring artist in Florida USA.
To cap all that I received an order from our website for 'Busy River', one of my London Gold limited edition prints. The order came from The Cayman Islands. We printed, certificated, and sent it same day. [See picture.]
I have never visited Bejing, Queensland, Florida, or Grand Cayman, and I dont really know where The Cayman Islands are! So how did all that happen?
The mind is obliged to boggle at the speed and scope of modern international business.
How could we have explained all this to our grandparents?

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  1. Not only are you a good painter but you are that rare breed a good businessman as well. Keep it coming .An insight into the world of a successful artist and an inspiration .Maybe I could do that well. Alan


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