7 May 2009 Card Spinner

Today I am going to introduce you to our card spinner.
One of the most effective assets that an artist can have during the month of 'Open Houses'.
Our ' handmade' cards are a super product that visitors really crave.
We sell them for £3 each, or 4 for £10.
The cards featuring Trevor the Cat are always a winner during Open House.
But we found that our stocks of popular images had run right down after last weekend.

So Tuesday morning I asked Philip, our local printer from The Brighton Print Centre, to help us out.
I am prompted to write about this, because good old Philip, has delivered more card blanks right on time.
The cards are not actually blank, because Philip prints the back of the card with a monochrome mugshot, potted biography, and contact details. We create the 3"x4" giclee image and stick it onto the front.
Philip's prompt delivery means that we can now print more giclee prints, stick 'em to the blank cards, sign them, put together cards and envelopes, stuff the clear bags, and stick on sticky lables, so that we can top up the spinner after last weekends sales.
Ready for the coming weekend.

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  1. Seeing your open house makes me really miss the Brighton Festival. Living in Cornwall is great but there is a distinct lack of Liberal Culture.


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