24 May 2009 Last day of Festival and a UFO

Actually the official Brighton Art Festival finished with a big bang and firework display in the evening of Saturday 23rd. 
We could hear and smell it two miles away. 
A strange high bright orange light [UFO] went silently and slowly eastwards across the sky after the fireworks. 
However, the Artists Open Houses extravaganza continues on for the last Sunday.
An early visitor was Janice Jones who came to collect her prize.
As you can see she chose 'Cat and Two Flowers' from the Collectors portfolio.
So, we have had eight hectic days of exhibition, with a guestimate of well over 1000 visitors to our house. During that time we sold plenty of cards and prints, plus a few original paintings. All 5 artists showing here sold something.
Eight visitors won a prize, a choice of framed print from our collection.
The final winner, on Sunday 24th, was Breda Dunne.
Thanks to everyone who visited us, and thanks for all the comments and 'my favourite' choices that you wrote on the prize draw entry cards.
Now the clearing up!

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