21 May 2009 The Stinking Rose

No one knows why garlic is called the stinking rose. 
'Rose' is obvious, because sometimes it looks like a rose when the dry outer layers peel off the garlic bulb. 
But 'stinking' is a puzzle, because garlic smells so gorgeous.
My explanation is completely opposite the version obtained from Google when I looked it up.
They must have misprinted it.
I used this particular big fat bulb when I cooked 'chicken with forty cloves of garlic' later.
The recipe for this wonderful feast can be found on the website for the Stinking Rose restaurants in San Fransisco and Beverley Hills.
However I included the two little plum tomato halves to add flavour to the dish.

The painting was on canvas sized 6"x8".
You can now find limited edition prints of these new still life paintings on our website, click here on www.crabfish.com


  1. These are very Rembrant with the darks next to the Golds. Have you sold any yet in your Open House. They are very simple in content and I imagine look great framed.. Why arn`t you out painting???

  2. They do look good framed up, true.
    The blog readers are the only ones who have seen them, as yet.
    They are destined for the gallery in Norfolk who inspired me to tackle still life paintings by asking me to participate in a show of 'still lives'in June.
    Today I framed my first print of this series and put them on our crabfish.com website, so we will see what reaction that gets.
    I am not out painting cos I am busy busy busy.
    You remember what open house during May is all about, don't you?

  3. good luck with the last weekend . I`m coming up to Brighton on Sunday for the week. If you fancy going out painting together let me know.

  4. My mate Peter (Masterchef a few years ago) and I used to spend evenings in foreign countries after gruelling photoshoots swapping recipes. The chicken and forty garlics was his favourite. Might make it this weekend. Make the house smell nice for our hundreds of guests.

    Ta for that. Love the still lives too. Almost needs a sniffogram........


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