3 May 2009 Shyama Ruffell 'Misty Mood'

We are four artists exhibiting at 182 Springfield Road, and the most successful one this weekend is Shyama Ruffell. 'Misty Mood', shown here, is one of her paintings that sold.

The first Sunday of the 2009 Artists Open House season is in the middle of a long bank holiday weekend. The weather this year is surprisingly good and the city centre and seafront provide plenty of the usual seaside attractions.
On top of extra bank holiday crowd activities, and Brighton Festival, the city is the focus for a rally of old commercial vehicles which is filling the roads from London. So we are amazed and very pleased that we had so many visitors to our house.

The daily prize draw was won by ... Jeremy Sales.

Sunday evening saw the first arrival of migrating swifts flying high overhead. This is always a sign that summer is here. This year they are 3 days ahead of schedule.


  1. Well. Thats the first weekend over. How`s it going. And the local pics how did they do.? Alan

  2. A busy weekend, but visitor numbers are a bit down from two years ago when we did this previously.
    Lots of positive favourable comments written on the little cards that we ask visitors to fill in. We ask them for 'comments or favourite exhibit' and then we put the cards into a daily draw for a framed print as a prize. The new local paintings got good reviews [quite a few "my favourite is.."]so I am very pleased. But, that damn cat Trevor still takes top spot in peoples affection.

  3. Be interesting to see how the whole 4 weeks pan out. Good luck .The work looks great on the Blog. Alan


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