9 May 2009 Kitchen Table

Yesterdays winner in our Artists Open House prize draw was Vanessa Cooper from Brighton.

Four other things came together yesterday.
1. An email from The Flint Gallery in Norfolk asked me to take part in a future exhibition featuring still lives. "Had I got any still lives?"
2. Fran is away for a family wedding up country leaving me on my own to amuse myself overnight .
3. During yesterdays busy Open House I had been grabbing snacks from the kitchen without putting away the bread after me. The loaf shape was intriguing.
4. My new pochade is a mini-studio, and could be got at quickly.

So, after yesterdays visitors went home, and I had popped round to see a couple of other exhibitions in the evening, I just thought that I wanted to paint this picture.
So I did. It is a 6"x8" canvas.
What fun! Ain't life great?

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