2 May 2009 Day one.

A nice sunny day to start the Festival off with a bang. The Childrens Parade takes over the city. 70 schools make floats and parade round the town banging drums and having a good time.
Meanwhile the 200 open houses open their doors.
We had the usual good numbers of visitors.
Pictured here is the composer Jocelyn Pook.
Her visit was a super surprise, because by coincidence we had been playing one of Jocelyn's CD's just before she arrived.
We organise a prize draw for visitors. They are asked to fill in a contact card and then get a chance to comment on our exhibition.
We collect the cards and make a daily draw which gives the winner a choice of framed print.
The winner today is; Christine Raven from Egham in Surrey.

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  1. Jocelyn! One of our finest composers.


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